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Having recently reorganized to align with the state’s revised regional library system, FOTL needs additional volunteers on its board to represent Friends’ groups in East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Are you a Friend who would like to promote, support, and advocate for libraries on a state level? Let us hear from you.

Qualifications for FOTL Board Members
  1. A true sense of the library’s enormous importance to the economic and social life of the community.
  2. Appreciation of the library.
  3. Desire to provide the best possible service for the community.
  4. Sensitivity to the political conditions in the community.
  5. Willingness to attend quarterly board meetings, annual meeting and other required committee meetings.
Responsibilities of FOTL Board Members
  1. Review previous board meeting minutes and other materials sent out before the Board meeting.
  2. Prepare report if on the meeting agenda.
  3. Prepare any suggestions complete with background information and a positive, workable recommendation. (Hold for either old or new business if unrelated to anything already on the agenda.)
  4. Serve on committees as required or assigned.
  5. If personal emergencies occur to interfere with meeting attendance or other FOTL responsibilities, communicate this to the President, President-elect or Secretary.
  6. If missing two (2) meetings in succession without any communication to any of the above-mentioned officers, Board member will be notified and asked to re-state their willingness to continue service on the FOTL Board.